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    Seton Pain and Rehabilitation's mission is to optimize the care and quality of life for patients with acute or chronic pain with functional impairments by providing high quality rehabilitation, diagnostic & interventional pain management services.

    We provide comprehensive Pain Medicine, Physiatry Consultations and Physical Therapy treatments for patients with Acute or Chronic pain to help them regain control of their lives.

  • Spinal Decompression using the DRX 9000

  • DRX 9000 Relief of back pain

    After only three weeks of treatment, clinical studies have shown outstanding results in relieving the debilitating pain that may be caused by bulging, herniated, degenerative or ruptured discs, as well as sciatica, posterior facet syndrome, and many failed back surgery cases. Pre- and post-treatment MRI’s have shown a 50% or greater reduction in the size and extent of herniation after four weeks of treatment. In fact, during the initial clinical study more than 82% of patients report relief of back pain with the DRX 9000.
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